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1.7 Command-line-editing

Command-line editing and command history are supported using either an external gnu readline library, an external BSD libedit library, or a built-in equivalent. This choice is a configuration option at the time gnuplot is built.

The editing commands of the built-in version are given below. The gnu readline and BSD libedit libraries have their own documentation.

           ^B    moves back a single character.
           ^F    moves forward a single character.
           ^A    moves to the beginning of the line.
           ^E    moves to the end of the line.
           ^H    and DEL delete the previous character.
           ^D    deletes the current character.
           ^K    deletes from current position to the end of line.
           ^L,^R redraws line in case it gets trashed.
           ^U    deletes the entire line.
           ^W    deletes from the current word to the end of line.
           ^P    moves back through history.
           ^N    moves forward through history.