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1.3 Seeking-assistance

The canonical gnuplot web page can be found at

Before seeking help, please check file FAQ.pdf or the above website for FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) list.

If you need help as a gnuplot user, please use the newsgroup


We prefer that you read the messages through the newsgroup rather than subscribing to the mailing list which is also available and carries the same set of messages. Instructions for subscribing to gnuplot mailing lists may be found via the gnuplot development website on SourceForge

The address for mailing to list members is:


Bug reports and code contributions should be uploaded to the trackers at


Please check previous bug reports if the bug you want to report has not been already fixed in a newer version of gnuplot.

The list of those interested in development version of gnuplot is:


When posting a question, please include full details of the version of `gnuplot`, the machine, and operating system you are using. A _small_ script demonstrating the problem may be useful. Function plots are preferable to datafile plots. If email-ing to gnuplot-info, please state whether or not you are subscribed to the list, so that users who use news will know to email a reply to you. There is a form for such postings on the website.