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6.5.3 Phrasing slurs

A phrasing slur (or phrasing mark) connects notes and is used to indicate a musical sentence. It is written using \( and \) respectively

     \time 6/4 c'\( d( e) f( e) d\)

[image of music]

Typographically, the phrasing slur behaves almost exactly like a normal slur. However, they are treated as different objects. A \slurUp will have no effect on a phrasing slur; instead, use \phrasingSlurUp, \phrasingSlurDown, and \phrasingSlurNeutral.

You cannot have simultaneous phrasing slurs.

Predefined commands

\phrasingSlurUp, \phrasingSlurDown, \phrasingSlurNeutral.

See also

Program reference: PhrasingSlur.

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